Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions : Hows your love life?

This weeks meme: How's your love life?
Welcome to the June15th version of Monday Crazy Questions
(which may be posted on Sunday eve)
Every Monday we will post questions that we hope are a little thought provoking!
Have fun!

1: You are driving down the street and you see the person you are dating/married to/living with walking down the street with a member of the opposite sex and it is someone you don't know...What do you think? What do you do?

2: The person you are dating/living with is spending a lot of time at the office these days after normal hours. Do you show up at work or call to see if he/she is there?

3: How would you handle it if they are not at the office where they said they would be?

4: Someone keeps calling and hanging up when you answer the phone while you are at home with your mate or at a dates house. Do you get suspicious?

5: You have been hinting around for a little fun in the bedroom but the person you are dating or living with is obviously ignoring the hints. It's been a LONG time. How do you handle that?

6: Your having a relationship with someone who disappears for a few days and is just not around when you call them at times with no real explanation. You have agreed that you will not date others. What do you think is going on?

7: You are at a party with a date/mate, and a member of the opposite sex is quite obviously interested in you and keeps giving you the "look". Do you look back?
What do you do?

8: Describe your dream mate of the opposite sex. Use a photo if you wish.

Thanks so much for joining us at MONDAY CRAZY QUESTIONS where we leave questions for you to ponder and answer.
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Join us again next Monday for another version of Monday Crazy Questions . Have a great week!


  1. Mine will be up at 12:01 Monday morning HST. Hope this meme takes off. Could be a lot of fun

  2. Thanks Thom..I hope so too!!! :-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my SS post and for the invite to this meme. I like the questions. They surely will make me happily crazy :-) Yes, I'm joining, and actually itching to get my hands on it now but it's almost 9 AM, Monday in my part of the world and I need to be at work in a few minutes. I have copied the questions and will post my answers this afternoon.

  4. Can't wait Hazel!!
    this is new..I hope it takes off!!!
    Thnx!! Lani

  5. my answers are up on the off the top of my head page...:-)

  6. Okay... Lani, you got me... at least this week... I'm not sure my brain was ready to answer these questions... so early on a monday.

  7. If your partner was well 'taken care of', these questions would be a non-issue...Hmmm?

  8. Mine is up. A bit late. There was a storm and our internet went off.

  9. Thanks for inviting me to play. Good questions. I'll be back next week.

  10. I see you found out what Mr. Linky is.

    I played. It was heard though because I'm married and have no love life....

  11. thanks to all for playing those who have played so far!!!!
    what a riot ya all are...
    GMAN...OK I get your point :-)
    Skittles-- LOL sorry about your no life...sure you have a's called the internet! :-)
    Hazel you weren't have all day monday to do it!! :-) I am glad your internet came back on tho!!!!!!!!

  12. Skittles..yes I found MR Linky! amazing!a week ago I didn't even know who he was or where to go meet him :-) I think he and I are friends now :-)

  13. Lani-
    I just wanted to wish you well! I'm sorry I don't post Mondays. Let me know if you want a plug on those weekend memes...

  14. Hey Bud..
    no problemo...:-)
    If you ever decide ya want to come in and do it...your always welcome :-)

    I am not sure what you meant...Plug? Well if you want to help plug my meme that'd be cool :-) LOL

    have a good one.. L

  15. Lani-
    I meant on Sunday Stealing & Saturday 9...

  16. Oh and your questions were great. If you ever do one on a Wednesday than I'm in...

  17. well Bud...I was going to do this on wednesday! And anni said it was better for her on monday..LOL I was up for either day!LOL
    even after I decided to do it on Monday..I kind of wished I'd chosen wed. Go Figure! :-)