Monday, August 24, 2009

them meme is no more....

I have decided to postpone the meme now until at least next spring!
I have had so much going on and blogging went to the bottom of the list! I was spending way too much time with all my projects I do on the computer.
I lost track of time and didn't get the meme posted until late today and I am sure that is why there were few participants.
The main projects that I HAVE to do now, is get my holiday paintings done.I have a lot to do and I have to spend some time on me.
I have fibromyalgia and between the time I spend on the computer and my painting projects, I have been in severe shoulder /neck pain.
Also, I am getting no exercise and am feeling the pounds pack on...LOL
I hope to come in for just a few minutes a week and say hi and just write a little diddy...or check and see what you guys are up to on your blogs.
thanks to all for your great participation. I got so many laughs out of your replies!!!!
On top of all the activity, my computer went kaputz! we bought a new computer and a new router and I am still having some conection problems. Not nearly as bad as it was...BUT like today I spent about 2 hours maybe a bit more...trying to figure out why the computer couldn't find the network. I finally got the problem resolved and it's been ok for a couple hours... so hopefully it is resolved or we will get that resolved permenently and soon!

thanks to everyone for your support!


  1. good thing you posted this or i was sending the blogging cops out! i was starting to get worried and would have written you later tonite. glad you're around and sure hope you're feeling better. i miss you. but i know how to get in touch!

    if you need me, YELL!!!


  2. What a pity that it stops.

    Is there no way we all can make a kind of bowl of questions and post 4 each week?

    Thanks for putting them up.
    It's a pity I've found you so late in the series, but I've enjoyed them, no matter what time you posted them.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  3. I look forward to the time you will post again.
    Hope you feel better! Are you going to post pictures of you paintings?

  4. Good luck in all your endeavors. I hope this comes back soon. I enjoyed it. Take care :)

  5. Take care of yourself Lani and have fun with your painting (let us see your work online sometime!). All the best.