Sunday, July 19, 2009

MCQ: Helter Skelter

weeks meme: HELTER SKELTER
Welcome to the July 20 version of Monday Crazy Questions.(which is posted by Sunday eve)
Every Monday questions are posted that I hope are a little thought provoking!
This is just a short meme meant to have some quick fun and not get too tedious! Copy and paste the questions onto your blog, answer the questions and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN IN MR LINKY Below to let everyone know where your answers are.
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Have fun!

Artwork on this ball is a common abstract repr...

1.what is one thing that will put a great big ole smile on your face?

2.Your walking down the street toward a very familiar face. As you get closer you realize you
do not remember this persons name at all. Do you speak with the chance that they'll want to stop and chat or do you pretend that you don't see the person?

3. Are you the Rock or the sponge of your household?


4. You have gone over to a friends for dinner. You look down at your plate and notice a great big ole hair hanging out from inside your sandwich. What do you do. ?

5. If you HAD to name one....who would you say is your role model?

Dr. Phil

6. Have you raised children? if so do you think your parenting skills were top notch or could have used a little help from Dr Phil?

7. would your -(Past or present)- mate/spouse, significant other/whatever -say that living with you has been like a gentle breeze or more like a hurricane?

8. When you shop at the grocery store, do you always shop exactly by a list or just go helter skelter and hope that you get home with most of what you need?

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  1. I posted my answers...thought I better getter done :-) I posted this meme way early...I thought I had it scheduled for noon but when I got up this morning it was posted.
    so when ever anyone wants to post...just post...:-) Hugs L

  2. Cool - I wanted to get it in earlier anyway - I'm usually so late!

    Thanks Lani,

  3. hi this sounds fun.. i will try to join and post later after work. =)

  4. Hi. THis was fun.
    My second Crazy Q to participate in.


    Have a good day! :o)

  5. I'm a day late, but I played anyway - hope that's OK.

  6. you can come anytyime you like :-) Thanks for playing!